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I went to charming Charlie & bought aprox $25 in jewelry, I decided to return it for something in a different color the same day. I actually spent additional money when I returned it, aprox $35.

When I got my bank statement I noticed charming Charlie on there 4 times. They had double debited my account for those purchases. I calked the store & they td me rather non-chalintly that they had a glitch in their system that day which resulted in the double debits. I asked would they have told me if I hadn't noticed it & she said "no, we wouldn't know who it happened to & who it didn't" which I find hard to believe with technology today but whatever.

She said to give her my info & they would return my money. They returned one of the debits but never returned the other one. I called the local store & corporate for 3 months & got the same story that it would be returned. I never got it back & I turned them in to BBB but got no response from them.

It's only $35 bucks do not a ton of money but it's the principal.

I would think they could at least give me a gift card for that amount or something. Needless to say I have not been back to that store & I won't ever go back unless I get my money back.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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What does "non-chalintly" mean?

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