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Was contacted my email by customer service and was told that someone would call me within three days to discuss my complaint. That was three weeks ago. Of course, no one has called.

Original review posted by user Jun 19, 2012

This place has the worst customer service of anywhere I have ever been! I was visiting Arlington, TX from out of state and I bought a bag at The Highlands store.

The girl who checked me out was rude the entire time. She just kept complaining about what an awful day it was. I found a bag elsewhere that I liked better, so the next day I tried to bring the bag back. Not used, tags intact, not even out of the shopping bag.

I was told that their system was down and they could not process returns. I explained that I was leaving the next day and lived out of state and was told by the store manager, Ashley, that it didn't matter, she couldn't do anything. I explained that I had paid cash for the item and just wanted my $32.37 back. She said, "I can't." I noticed that there was a line and that they were ringing customers up who were paying with cash and credit cards.

I asked how people were still buying things and she explained that they could accept payments, but not returns. I explained again that if she had cash on hand, she could open the register and give me a return. She again said, "I can't." Then said the registers won't open without scanning the receipt. This was a lie because they were opening the registers just fine as I watched.

We went through this a few more times with her just saying, "I can't", over and over again. I asked for the number for her boss and she refused to give it to me. She said I could just look it up the website if I had a problem. I went out to my car and called the customer service number on the website.

I was told by them that they can't help me with store problems and to talk to the store manager. I explained that I had tried that and she would not help me and had told me to check the website for a number. I asked the customer service agent for a number of a supervisor or an executive that I could speak to and was told that they don't have that kind of information. She then said she would get my phone number and someone would call me back.

No surprise, no one ever did!

I believe this place is nothing but a scam. They sell cheap products at inflated prices and give you the run around when you have a problem in the hopes you'll give up and they get to keep your money.

If I could give this place a negative score I would. If you value your hard earned money, do NOT buy anything from here!

Monetary Loss: $32.

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I work at Charming Charlie and you're right- the jewelry is cheap and the company over charges like crazy. I went to Forever21 and found the exact same earrings for 3x less; went to H&M and found the exact same dress for $12.95 when at Charminf Charlie, it's $35.00.

The company is getting cheaper merchandise with each shipment and it's crazy- I told a customer that once and we discussed how greedy some of these companies are. Don't even bother buying CC's rings or bracelets- they tarnish and turn your skin green the first time you wear them.

The associate was bullshitting you- of returns are offline, then everything is offline including the credit cards/gift cards. All she had to do was call a manager to open the drawer and she could have given you your money back.

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